The Best Mobile Casino Online Sites

Win On the Go With Online Mobile Casinos

You email on it. You search the web on it. You check Facebook on it. You play Candy Crush on it. You do pretty much everything on your smartphone. But if you haven't yet downloaded a casino online app on your mobile device, you're missing out. Mobile casino play in Canada offers all the thrills of playing on your PC, Mac or laptop, but with the huge added benefits of convenience and flexibility in terms of where and when you play.

On this page we’re going to outline why mobile casino play is the way to go. We’ll provide a detailed guide on how things work, outline all the important considerations and even point you towards the very best mobile apps and sites you need to play at. In short, get ready to be loaded with the following key information:

  • Why mobile casino play is the ultimate experience
  • Biggest advantages of going mobile
  • Everything you need to know about mobile casinos
  • Links to the best sites and apps for players in Canada

Top 5 Online Casinos

Rating 9.6/10
Spin Palace Casino
Spin Palace features a massive collection of over 600 casinos games, all from the acclaimed software provider Microgaming. There are loads of Canadian-friendly banking methods available and a range of progressive slots with the biggest jackpots in the world too.
100% Welcome Bonus worth up to C$1000.
Rating 9.1/10
Ruby Fortune Casino
This Canadian-friendly online casino is home to over 100 hit slot games and another 350 classic casino games like blackjack, roulette and video poker. Ruby Fortune also has a great reputation for high standard player support.
100% Welcome Bonus worth up to C$750.
Rating 8.5/10
Jackpot City Casino
Jackpot City is the ideal destination for anyone chasing the dream of a big jackpot win. The casino features more than 600 premium Microgaming games, both French and English language options and there’s a top quality mobile casino.
100% Welcome Bonus worth up to C$400.
Rating 7.9/10
Gaming Club Casino
Gaming Club offers players in Canada a fantastic all round experience by giving you access to 500+ games and the chance to win cash, gadgets, cars and holidays in regular promotions. Plus, all withdrawals are processed within 48 hours.
100% Welcome Bonus worth up to C$350.
Rating 7.3/10
Royal Vegas Casino
Royal Vegas is rated as one of Canada’s best casinos because they’ve got a selection of more than 500 classic casino games and slots, exciting live dealer games, blackjack leagues and French and English customer support teams.
100% Welcome Bonus worth up to C$1200.

For a Great Casino Online, Mobile Gaming May Have the Best Options

We're the first to admit it. When we first saw online mobile casinos a few years ago, we weren't impressed. The graphics were mediocre. The experience wasn't even close to what you'd find on your PC. The game selection wasn't very good. And everything just felt clunky.

Part of the limitation had to do with the technology of mobile phones and the networks they operated on. Remember, LTE is fairly new in Canada, and many of the older casinos were designed to work on Edge. Very few Canadian phone casino sites were created during the time that 3G was popular, so the mobile apps were designed to run on slower networks. That made for a pretty mediocre experience. But today's online casino smartphone apps stack up to some of the best desktop experiences.

Which ever smartphone you prefer, you'll find a wealth of online gambling options for gaming on the move. So whether you're an Apple fan wanting to play on your iPad or iPhone, an Android fanatic, or an old-school BlackBerry fan, there's some great mobile casino sites available to play on.

“Grab your smartphone and take the casino experience with you as you access a new breed of slick and safe online gambling sites with mobile compatibility. Placing a bet is as easy as sending a text and you can play wherever you have an Internet connection – which these days is pretty much EVERYWHERE!”

5 Advantages of Playing the Best Mobile Casinos

You can play almost anywhere

Seriously. A bus. At work. In the washroom. At church. In the washroom at church. Anywhere, really. When you're bored, your smartphone is your ticket to playing at an online casino.

You can sneak in a game without being noticed

In a really boring meeting? You can fire up your mobile phone and hit a casino online mobile site without being noticed. For all anyone knows, you might just be responding to a really important business email.

It's a great way to pay for those expensive data plans

Sound a bit funny? Not in Canada. We know we get ripped off by our Canadian phone companies. Our plans are pretty expensive for the most part, but if you can win a little money while using your data plan, it'll make paying your smartphone bill a little easier to swallow.

It's easier than lugging around a laptop

Watching hockey but in the mood for a little blackjack? If your flat screen TV isn't in the same room as your computer, you'd have to either sit down at your desktop or grab your laptop. But if you've got a smart phone in your pocket, you've got access to casino online mobile games.

You can play for free

Playing on your CA mobile phone is a pretty new phenomenon, so the best mobile casinos will often encourage you to play for free. It's their way of trying to get you to try their mobile smartphone app out without forcing you to spend a dime making a deposit.

Things to keep in mind before playing online mobile casinos

If you're used to playing at Canada Internet casinos on your PC or Mac, you should know that the mobile phone experience isn't exactly the same. Remember, on a PC you've got a large monitor to deal with. Even small Ultrabooks with 11" screens still offer plenty of screen real estate to simulate real world slot machines or table games.

But when enjoying the best mobile casinos on your cellphone you're limited to just a few inches. For slot machines, it's difficult to cram that many paylines onto one screen and make it look non-chaotic. The same goes for things like roulette. That's not to say that online mobile casinos don't offer the same games. They do. But the experience is often a lot different.

We found the best mobile casinos worth playing at

Remember, the user experience is only part of what makes online mobile casinos attractive. Things like range of betting games, customer service, deposit methods, and cash out times are also pretty big deals for Canadian online casino players. So we've gone ahead and rated every Canuck online casino to bring you a list of only the best mobile casinos. Read our top reviews, find a site via our great links, and start winning on your cell or smartphone today.

Mobile online casinos FAQ

The above information should serve as a great introduction to mobile casino play in Canada and the benefits on offer. If you’re still searching for answers, however, our FAQ section will hopefully deliver a little more depth and help clarify some the most common queries on the subject.

Can I play for real money?

Yes you can. Mobile casino play offers everything you’ll get from playing desktop versions, and includes the provision to play for real money. You can fund your online casino account, place bets and even collect your winnings via mobile play.

How can I start playing on a mobile?

First of all you’re going to need to choose a mobile destination for play. To help you decide we tasked our expert reviewers with finding the very best on the market for players in Canada. These mobile casinos and apps were rated on factors such as bonuses, payout rates, security and overall user experience, so you’re guaranteed a great ride.

Once you’ve made your pick, it’s time to sign up for an account and make an initial deposit. Some mobile sites are accessed through your phone’s web browser, while others have downloadable apps you can use. Which way you go will depend on the site you choose and the smartphone you’re using. Once you’re set up to play you simply choose the game you want and you’ll be good to go. Free play is typically an option for new players to try out games.

What games are available or popular?

You’ll be able to access a huge variety of casino games with your mobile device. Everything from slot machines, to poker, roulette and baccarat can be accessed for free or real money play, plus plenty of options you’ll be less familiar with. Poker is hugely popular, as is online roulette - two classic casino games that have been translated successfully for online play.

How does it compare with desktop play?

It used to be that the mobile experience on mobile was noticeably less smooth and visually appealing for players in Canada, but that’s all changed with advancements in mobile technology. These days your experience on mobile is a match for anything you’ll find on desktop. You will be sacrificing screen size, but the pay-off is greater flexibility and convenience.

Are the odds the same?

Yes. The odds will be identical to those you’ll find on desktop. The only thing that’s changing is your portal to the online casino.

Is mobile play safe?

The sites we’ve selected above are extremely safe and secure for mobile play. Everything is in place to ensure your personal and banking details remain private and the very latest security software is running keep you protected. We can’t vouch for other mobile sites, however, and would urge caution if you decide to play at another destination.

How much mobile data do games use?

Mobile casinos do draw on data for play, but for typical use this will not add up to much and may well be included in your monthly plan. The best advice here is to research the data demand of the site you’re going to play at and check your monthly data plan to see what’s covered.